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At Mici, we are dedicated to helping children in our communities. Each year, we donate over $80,000 of value to our local schools and children's organizations.

We Give Back Through:

  • Dining for Dollars Fundraisers
  • In-kind Donations
  • In-kind Sponsorships
  • Catering Discounts of 20% for all orders over $100
  • Discounted Pizza Pricing for Fundraisers or School Lunches


1. Book a Date. Choose which Mici location you'd like to host your fundraiser.  Book Today!

2. Spread the Word. Use your social and email channels to promote your event as well as your customized marketing materials.

3. Enjoy our Family Recipes & Raise Some Dough.  We host our fundraisers on Tuesdays. Your organization's dine-in, takeout, delivery & catering orders for the entire day will receive 20% back using a unique code.  

Schedule your Dining for Dollars Event Today!

For additional information, please contact 


At Mici Italian, giving back is at the heart of what we do. We're proud to stand with CrossPurpose—a transformative non-profit organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty across various cities in our nation.

CrossPurpose understands the challenges that poverty poses to individuals and families. In the Denver metro area alone, around 300,000 people are affected daily, with approximately 12% of individuals nationwide facing this struggle. Breaking free from this cycle can be daunting, and too often, many never get the chance.

That's where CrossPurpose comes in. They provide a vital 6-month career development program that empowers individuals to step into meaningful careers, build strong social connections, and create lasting, positive change in their lives and communities.

Through certified career training, valuable hard and soft skills, support networks, mental health counseling, and more, CrossPurpose equips individuals with the tools they need to break free from poverty. Their programs focuses on career development, personal growth, and community building.

Mici Italian proudly supports CrossPurpose with donated food to their numerous program and staff events, special Dining for Dollar days dedicated to the mission of CP and partnering as an Employee partner in the Denver Metro area.  We believe in their mission and are excited to contribute to their efforts in reshaping the future of Denver and our surrounding neighborhoods and communities.

Discover more about CrossPurpose and their incredible work at or make a difference by Donating Now.