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Real Family.

Founded by a real Italian family, Mici is an abbreviation of our surname, Miceli. We maintain a rich culture based on traditions and family-values.

When a guest walks through the door, we greet them with a warm welcome and thank them when they leave. We give kids pizza dough to play with while they wait for their food. We deliver guests’ meals to their tables so that they can relax and enjoy their families, and we’ll always offer to take a pickup order out to the car so that a parent can keep their two year old sleeping in their car seat.

We want guests to feel happy when they come in and even happier when they leave, and we’ll bend over backwards to make sure that happens. We take pride in caring for our own.

Real Food.

When we asked permission to use our family recipes at Mici, we agreed to honor them by using only high-quality ingredients.

We don’t serve our families unhealthy, hormone and preservative-filled foods at home, and we’d never serve it to our guests at Mici. Our food contains nothing but real, whole ingredients.

Parents feel good about serving their kids all-natural hormone and nitrate-free foods that don’t contain fillers, preservatives, or MSG. Think family recipes (not generic substitutes).

Our menu makes everyone happy – pizza and gelato for the kids and lasagna or zucchini noodles and a glass of wine for the grown-ups.

Real Italian.

We’re locals now, but we have roots deep in Italian soil. Our recipes have been handed down for generations.

We simmer our sauces for hours to bring out the rich, complex flavors; we make our pizza dough fresh each day and our pastas are always made to order. Our dishes are named for the people and places that mean the most to us. We’re passionate about our Italian culture, but ditched the classic red checkered tablecloths and replaced them with modern materials mixed with old family photos and funky, vintage Italian jazz playing in the background.

And while we stay true to authentic Italian hospitality, we offer all of the conveniences of today’s modern world – from digital ordering to delivery.